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Waiting for the Quarry to Arrive

After spotting this artful teapot in late 2012, I contacted its maker Petr Novák of the blog Pots and Tea to see if the pot had an owner. I introduced myself and put my name in to reserve the teapot, and began to patiently wait (I only e-mailed him once every few weeks…)  for Petr to finish his “Gem Series” and wait for my pot and cups to arrive. A few weeks ago I got a call from China post, letting me know that they had conveniently delivered the package across the city and would not deliver it to my door. Passport in hand, I braved the traffic and went to pick up the long awaited package, traveling 10 km across the city. For those of you not familiar with major Chinese cities, 10 kilometers can translate to an hour in bad traffic.

Pots and Tea Teacup
A teacup from Petr Novak

Finally, the teapot whose name is Quarry Under Jade Water, is on my tray and helping me brew.

Those of you with a keen eye for Petr’s work may have noticed some of his cups in a few recent posts. I strongly recommend you check out his work, as his pieces are a rare kind functional art, made by a man who cares about both tea and the form of objects.  It is a treasure when an artist has an intimate relationship with the functionality of the object they produce. How many ceramic artists really drink puer?!

Teacup Novak Petr
Another of many wonderful cups

There is an old adage that says you should  never trust a skinny cook. By the same token, never trust a ceramicist who doesn’t drink puer.

Many thanks to Petr. You can contact him and purchase his works at Pots and Tea blog.