beautiful tea tray

Kappa & Sigma

More of the samples from this post. Seems the other tea bloggers did these in a different order than i did. So, my notes may not coincide with those of others, such as Hobbes and Jakub.

The Kappa shows some flecks of charcoal in the rinse and initial steeps. This could just be a stray scorched leaf that was at the bottom of the wok during the kill green stage of processing, or it could be indicative of tea that was cooked too long or on high heat, tough to say from the small 8 gram sample I am brewing.

Charcoal in Puer
Charcoal caught by my strainer
dirty puer soup
…and some more charred bits that squeezed through

This tea is far more green in flavor than any of the other samples I have tried so far. It’s got some sort of umami flavor lingering around, with some sweetness on the gaiwan lid. This tea might be better consumed in the short term rather than aging long term.

Pile of puer
Spent Kappa leaves

The Sigma was better tailored to my tastes. Thicker in the body, enough complexity to keep me entertained, and nothing I could pick out in terms of major processing flaws. Not much to describe for particular flavors or feelings, it was  mostly the body that I enjoyed.  I am one tired tea blogger, so despite the short description, just put the Sigma in my like column and the Kappa in my dislike column.

hunk of puerh tea
Dry Sigma leaf
Tea Meditation
Sigma soup

*Notes: Seems the Kappa was a Wuliang, which reveals my aging bias. Still not sure what the Epsilon is, but i enjoyed it.

**Edit: I originally wrote Epsilon. Obviously slept through Greek lessons as a lad.