Tea Samples

The Pepsi Challenge of Tea Samples

2013 Tea Samples

If you follow tea blogs like the half-dipper or the tea closet, you may have already heard the news that Scott from Yunnan Sourcing and Jerry from China Chadao are doing a round of puer tastings. I was lucky enough to receive samples from both parties rather quickly, thanks to China’s army of bike messengers. I have already gone through about six teas from YS and will continue through the rest of the batch before I post my thoughts. Then, it will be onward to Douji.

Box of Tea
Box of Goodies

The name of the game is:

  • The teas are not labeled with any information other than a Greek letter
  • Nobody has prior knowledge of the teas (Or I should say that I don’t know what the hell they are. I assume some of the other participants extorted information from the organizers with threats of violence, but that’s not my style)
  • The online community will post their notes about various teas and there will be some grand reveal where we all find out that we secretly crave plantation Lancang

Should be a lot of fun, I am already enjoying the guessing game. I am not sure who else is involved, but let me know in the comments and I will gladly link to you blog/profile. Much thanks to everyone involved!

Looking forward to intense debates about which leaf is best when placed in hot water.