Haiwan Pashan 2006

2006 Haiwan Pasha

Haiwan Pasha & the Joys of Youth

Tight, tippy, tobacco, and T. The four T’s. Jakub, fellow puer enthusiast and blogger, sent this 2006 Haiwan Pasha puer.

The tips are welded together. The master crafted blades do not yield to my boiling water. Only after three rinses do they decide to give way and open up, I must have gotten the very epicenter of this cake. The first true steep (maybe 4th overall?) of tea was perhaps the best, mellow and smooth.

Raw Puer Tea Haiwan Pasha
Cakes of steel

After further unfurling, the tea turned towards heavier tobacco, and a brief tannic harshness – probably the only real bone I have to pick with this tea.

Puerh tea Pasha
Steel is slow to melt

The throatfeel was excellent throughout, and lingered a bit after the session. The middle of the session also had a pleasant vibrancy in the mouth.

Puerh Tang
Pasha Soup

This tea is from 2006, but it has been told it can play younger. The Pasha looks a bit green in the leaves, probably due to a combination of dry storage and being pressed by a blacksmith’s apprentice. It could probably use another several years to break down some of the tannins and turn it into a something excellent. However, it is very drinkable now. Younger sheng lovers will no doubt enjoy its character.

Spent puerh tea leaves
Spent leaves

It has decent staying power, with its flames extinguishing around the tenth steep. A very enjoyable session, thanks again to Jakub. This tea can be purchased at Yunnan Sourcing for $50.