White 2 Tea Company

White 2 Tea Co. : A New Venture

Hello Dear Readers,


I appreciate your following of my humble tea drinking activities, and would like to inform you all about my new venture, White 2 Tea Co.

I have begun a new tea shop to source some of the puers that I enjoy, and I think it warrants mentioning that I am not exactly sure how to handle this venture and its correlation with my own blog. My own tea blog has served as a place for me to share some photos and information about thoughts I have on various teas that I drink in my daily life. However, if I am selling teas, I think it presents a conflict of interest. So, before I break out the champagne to celebrate my new shop, a few notes to my readers:

  • For the time being, I will not be reviewing any of the teas I sell. First, I think it would be less than graceful for me to blab on about the endless virtues of a tea I am selling. Second, if I am choosing to sell the tea, it is because I think it has inherent value and quality. You can take my choice to sell it as a vote of confidence. If you are interested in more information or my opinion on a particular tea, either contact us on white2tea.com or keep your eyes on other bloggers (Both Hobbes and Jakub have both written reviews as of the writing of this post)
  • I will give honest opinions about other retailers that I support and buy tea from. I have no desire to bad mouth the competition unless it is deserved and will give credit where credit is due. There are plenty of retailers who I am happy to patronize, such as Yunnan Sourcing or Pu-erh.sk, who I think do good work, and I will commend them as such. The market has a lot of dishonesty and low quality flimflam, both in China and abroad. I would rather support the people doing good work and see the market shift in a healthy direction than line my own coffers. (As for the less than savory sellers, I probably don’t drink their tea and have no reason to mention them)
  • Hopefully I am not being too idealistic in trying to separate my own tea drinking from a tea shop. If it becomes some sort of problem, I will cross that bridge when I come to it

And now for the champagne – I hope everyone is enjoying the blog and that you all get an opportunity to try the teas from my shop, this blog, and everywhere in between.



Take a deep breath and enjoy what you drink,