Leaping Into the Tea Blog Fray

After years of absorbing information from the online tea community, it seemed only fair and fitting that I start a tea blog and contribute to the ever expanding collection of information and reviews. Being lucky enough to have been based in China for what is inching closer and closer to a decade, I have been exposed to a lot of tea drinking opportunities. I began my love affair with puer tea in 2006, and regret that I waited so long to start keeping more complete records of what has graced my cup.

Two Dog Tea Blog Cup # 1
The first official cup of the tea blog


What to Expect from Two Dog Tea Blog:


  • Reflections on what teas I am currently drinking (I am mostly a puer drinker, with the vast majority being raw)
  • Frequent references to low brow American pop culture
  • Poorly framed basketball/tea analogies, which will likely alienate all but .01% of my readers
  • General musings and smarmy commentary
  • Sketches and/or poorly photoshopped images to illustrate various points
  • Occasional off-topic babbling


Do not expect to see the following content on the Tea Blog:


  • Tea blends that sound like Strawberry Swirl Mocha Latte English Breakfast Mango Fruit Medley
  • Teas with titles akin to Dragon and Phoenix Battle in the Moonlight on a Jade Throne Imperial Blend
  • The Church of Scientology
  • Teas marketed with the term monkey picked


That ought to do for a rough outline. And obviously, for the sake of superstition, I am starting my blog on 8/8, because as we all know, 8’s are lucky.


Welcome! Hope you enjoy the blog.