My name is Paul and I am the owner of white2tea.com. I have been living in China for over a decade and been drinking Puer tea and visting Yunnan for the same amount of time.

Twodogteablog was initially established as a blog to journal notes about teas that I was tasting. It has since developed into a place where I can casually swear, present my interpretations of Puer tea, the Puer tea market, and offer general guidance for Puer tea drinkers.


  • Paradise

    Hello, I am a student of University of Science&Technology, Beijing. I would like to have an interview with Mr.Murray about Handmade Puer tea because we are going to make a research about handmade Puer tea and help the handmakers get out of the trouble they are in and improve the influence of handmade tea. So if Mr.Murray is in Beijing and free and willing to help us, can you give me a reply? Thank you very much.