Youle Puerh Tea

2004 Jinuoshan Youle

My draft bin is full of articles half written. Reviews of teas and notes on things that get lost in the shuffle of day to day life. I took these photos, edited them, and then never bothered to write the accompanying article. Luckily, my little leather bound book has sparse notes on this tea. Rather than toss away some perfectly good images, I thought why not transcribe my notes here; musings on a session since forgotten.

2004 Jinnuoshan Youle

Dry tea has no smell. Tippy. Furry. Tightly pressed.

Youle Puerh
A close up of chunk of dry puer

Rinse is sweet and clean. The first cup soft, sweet, fruity, and smooth.

Second steep, light and smooth in the mouth.

Youle Puer Tea
Copper soup in the cup

Late in the session the tea is calming and has strong grape-like tannins. Plenty of body and subtle bitterness.

12 steeps.

Puerh Tea blog
Spent Youle puer leaves

These notes were dated November 24th, 2013. I must be drinking too much tea, since I can not even recall this session. Thank goodness for cameras and notebooks.

  • Jakub

    I did enjoy this one a lot – it’s, in my opinion, not an “everyday puerh” as it is lighter in character than what one can be used to from Menghai or Yiwu pu, but I thought it enjoyable nevertheless. I like to have that one outside with a lot of sun – the flowers outside and in the tea complement each other well, I’d say!

    • TwoDog2

      Indeed! Now I remember this must have been a Jakub sample! I was very positive about the notes. I wish I had some better Youle around, only a few scattered teas in my collection from the mid-2000’s.

      • Jakub

        I think there’s not much more than that (mid 2000s) publicly around… I’m glad you liked it! It seems to be a bit of population-splitter – some really like it and some do not.

        Yunnan sourcing used to have a 2005 Red Drum Youle which was also quite good, but it now seems to be unavailable (or possibly a different version). Chawangshop’s got a lot of Jinuoshan TF Youles as well… on the one hand, the factory seems to be quite varied in its quality, on the other hand, I hope that Honza has sorted through them to pick the good ones only…