Tea Samples

The Pepsi Challenge of Tea Samples

2013 Tea Samples

If you follow tea blogs like the half-dipper or the tea closet, you may have already heard the news that Scott from Yunnan Sourcing and Jerry from China Chadao are doing a round of puer tastings. I was lucky enough to receive samples from both parties rather quickly, thanks to China’s army of bike messengers. I have already gone through about six teas from YS and will continue through the rest of the batch before I post my thoughts. Then, it will be onward to Douji.

Box of Tea
Box of Goodies

The name of the game is:

  • The teas are not labeled with any information other than a Greek letter
  • Nobody has prior knowledge of the teas (Or I should say that I don’t know what the hell they are. I assume some of the other participants extorted information from the organizers with threats of violence, but that’s not my style)
  • The online community will post their notes about various teas and there will be some grand reveal where we all find out that we secretly crave plantation Lancang

Should be a lot of fun, I am already enjoying the guessing game. I am not sure who else is involved, but let me know in the comments and I will gladly link to you blog/profile. Much thanks to everyone involved!

Looking forward to intense debates about which leaf is best when placed in hot water.

  • MarshalN

    Chances of people liking some really terrible thing is quite high. I think the way to taste these is actually to brew them all together in gaiwans next to each other. Then the flaws show up.

    • TwoDog2

      Hopefully none of the teas will be in the “terrible” tier. Putting them side by side is a good way to see how they stack up against each other, but then again, if you like something independently of the others, why not buy it? You will be drinking it on its own anyway